Face Procedures


Look Like You Again

The effects of aging and the environment can make your face look tired and older than you feel. Sagging skin and hallowing of the face can make you look older and unhappy. A facelift can turn back the clock and make you look like a younger, more rested you. Removing excess skin and facial re-contouring reverses the signs of aging.

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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Have Your Face Fit You!

Nose reshaping can help restore facial harmony by creating a more balanced, attractive profile. Because the nose is on the center of the face, a disproportionate or unattractive nose is more noticeable than other features and can impact of self esteem.

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Eyelid Surgery

Enjoy Eye Shadow Again 

Eyelid lifts (Blepharoplasty) can rewind time by removing excess skin and bags that can cause a stressed, aged, and tired appearance. Enjoy eye shadow again and look like you are rested, not aged and tired.

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Chin Surgery

Neither Hair Nor Chins Should Recede

Chin surgery is a surgical procedure that can change the shape or size of the chin by either an implant or modification of the bone. Chin augmentation is performed either with a silicone implant or by moving a segment of the chin bone (also known as osseous genioplasty or sliding genioplasty) to improve the appearance of a small chin. Chin reduction surgery, another type of osseous genioplasty, ai [...]

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Say Hello To Brighter Eyes!

The effects of aging and the environment can make your forehead and brow look heavy. People may perceive you as tired or unhappy when in fact you are neither. With aging, the natural arch of your eyebrows may be weighed down by excess skin on your forehead or you may have deep wrinkles that cannot be corrected by non-surgical solutions. A forehead lift can turn back the clock and make you look lik [...]

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Facial Fat Injections

Plump It Up!

Cheekbones are the scaffolding for facial bone structure holding up and supporting other structures. Aging leads to a loss of volume in the cheek area. Facial fat injections increase volume and roundness to cheek area and provide a lift to a face that has started to sag or hallow out. This improves facial harmony by ensuring that the craniofacial structure is balanced. Your surgeon will help you s [...]

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Neck & Chin Liposuction

Adios Double Chin

Liposuction of the neck and chin can help you improve your facial contour by removing fat deposits on the chin area that are resistant weight loss. Imagine posing for photos where you are confident about your profile rather than sticking out your neck to avoid a "double chin". A strong, contoured jawline is attractive and youthful. Liposuction can contour the neckline providing a sl [...]

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