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Breast Implant Revision


Because breast implant revision surgery is truely a customized surgery, the steps for the procedure will be tailored to your needs. Sometime the implants are removed and replaced. Other times the implants can simply be repositioned. It is important that you schedule an in person consultation to discuss the specific steps of your procedure. 


You are a good candidate for breast revision if you do not smoke, are in good health, want to change the size of current breast, or wish to improve problems that the implants are causing you.

The recovery time will depend on how much revision work was done. After about a week you should be able to return to work. You will need to avoid strenuous activity for 6-8 weeks following the surgery. You will experience some swelling but this will go away in several weeks. A surgical bra will be given to you to wear to help with support and recovery.

Sometimes a breast lift is needed to achieve desired results. Breast Augmentation can also be performed the same time as the revision.

JW Plastic Surgery offers patients 10 hospitals and 5 surgical centers to select from when booking their surgery. In some cases, your personal health history will mean that we will recommend a specific health setting that will best meet your needs. Most cosmetic patients decide to have surgery at JW Operatory- our practice is a Joint Commission-accredited facility on the North Shore, due to price and availability.


Breast revision surgery is a procedure done to correct a previous breast surgery or to improve the look of current breasts with implants. You may be a good candidate if you want to change the size or shape of your breast, implant rupture, capsular contracture, or want to address complications your current implants are causing. Breast revision surgery will enhance the appearance of the breast and can finally give you the results you wanted. This surgery can have a positive effect on the patients confidence and self-esteem.

We are not a practice that focuses on what another surgeon "did wrong" and we are not a "second opinion" practice. We encourage patients to only contact us for this service if their interest is to achieve their cosmetic goals. We are positive surgical professionals that are focusing on moving your to a future with breasts you love. 


Breast revision surgery results in improved breast and an increase in confidence. Our goal is to help you be satisfied with your breast. We will educate you about the procedure to help you achieve your goals. Breast implant revision suregery needs to be done by an experienced surgeon and we understand the emotional and physcial complexity of breast implant revision surgery. We encourage patients to use our “Dare to Compare Scorecard” to help them select a truly qualified plastic surgeon for their procedure.


It depends. The original incision that was used to place the breast implants is often used to remove and replace the implants. You may not end up with another scar at all. However, if you need a breast lift or we need to use another approach you will have to have another incision made. These incisions usually heal beautifully so even if a new incision is required most patients are still pleased with the look of their breasts. 

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